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Skype Spanish Tutor and Teacher

My name is Elena and I am a Spanish Teacher from Spain and the person behind La página del español. I hold a Postgraduate’s course in Education and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

I have been teaching and sharing the Spanish culture with my students during the last six years in London; I have been working with people of different ages and coming from all over the world in schools, as a private tutor and online. And I truly love it.

I am myself passionate about foreign languages, cultures and travel. I learnt English, French and Italian in the past and I am trying to learn new ones because I really believe that languages give you a better understanding of people.

Why Learning Spanish Online?

What Do I Offer?
  • Study from the comfort of your house, your office or any other place that suits you best.
  • Schedule your lessons according to your availability.
  • Tailored and personalized lessons to your level and needs.
  • All materials are provided  previously as a way of increasing your learning time.
  • Lessons aimed to make you speak and build your confidence.
  • Homework aimed to improve your writing and reading skills.

How does it work?

What Do You Need?
  • Motivation
  • Having a Skype account
  • Paypal for payment


Choose your path

General Spanish

Business Spanish

Spanish Conversation

Spanish Exam Preparation


How much will it cost you?

First Lesson Free

30 minutes

Pay as you go

£30 per hour

5 lessons

£125 (£25 per hour)

10 lessons

£200 (£20 per hour)


Do you have any questions?

No one can say completely how long is going to take you. Learning a language depends on the time you spend studying it and being exposed to it. It also depends on your on abilities and motivation.

Lessons are planned in advance and send to you before the start as a way to maximize your learning time. I tend to include a variety of activities aimed to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. I will also give you homework at the end of each session.

You can see many samples of my materials around the website. I always try to be interesting, fun and focused in your own needs and interests.

In order to start book your 30 minutes free lesson and I will send you a confirmation as soon as possible. Then you will have your first free half and hour lesson, if you are not a complete beginner a level test is included.

If you enjoy your first free Spanish lesson then you are ready to book other lessons with me (look above for the options you have). Once you book them I will send you a link for payment and a personalized learning plan.

I consider your payment as a confirmation for the lesson therefore all lessons must be paid 24 hours (or more) in advance.

No, you don’t. All materials will be provided.

When lessons are cancelled with 12 hours (or more) notice, then a full refund is given. The lesson will be considered as canceled if the student does not appear after 20 minutes from the scheduled time of the appointment. 

No, they do not. You can book your 5 or 10 lessons anytime.

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