Translation and Proofreading services

We offer translation and proofreading services by native Spanish speakers to students, academic researchers, translators, business people and any type of organisation who wish to ensure their written work reaches a high standard of Spanish.

Our translators and proofreaders are all experienced and native Spanish speakers qualified to master degree level.

What we translate and proofread

• Covering letters and CVs • Emails and letters • Articles, essays, research papers, thesis • Website content, blog posts, social media updates • PowerPoint presentations • Reports • Any advertising materials • Manuscripts

How we work

1. You email us your document or a sample of it

2. We take a look and send you a quote per 1000 word

3. After you confirm the offer we agree upon a deadline

4. You will receive an invoice through PayPal with the total fee to be paid

5. We stay in contact while the translating or proofreading process is done on your document to get clarifications if need it and ensure the work is done as its best

6. Then we will email you two versions of the translated / proofread document for you to be able to see the work we have done:

One with the corrections we have made visible
The other with all changes accepted

7. Finally you will be able to ask questions or make any necessary changes before the work is completely finished.

Our services include

•Translations from English to Spanish • Changing incorrect grammar and spelling • Changing repetitive words and the sentences structure if necessary • Changing inconsistencies in style such us usage of capital or bold letters, fonts, colour, etc. • Offer suggestions if necessary

Our fees


£0.010 per word of the original document (£10 per 1,000 words)


£0.015 per word of the original document (£15 per 1,000 words)


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